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Posted in : Featured / General Blog / Site News on February 14th, 2013.

Time is a very precious commodity and, sometimes, not having enough of it can feel a bit overwhelming.

When I first started out on the Internet, a little under 20 years ago now, it was still a relatively small place.  There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube, not even Google, or any of the other sites that seem to demand our constant attention these days.  There are new technologies popping up on a daily basis and just figuring out which are the ones worth keeping an eye on, let alone trying to stay updated on them all, can be a full time job in itself (developing for the web isn’t my full time job any more).

There’s also the little matter having to work and earn money to pay the bills, as well as making time for ourselves, our friends and, most importantly, our families.

This site is one of those things that falls under the category of making time for ourselves.  DIY Film, for me, is a release, a personal project.  It’s a way for me to post things out in the open that answer questions I get asked regularly in emails, through Lancaster Photographic Society, or through websites like Facebook and PurplePort, and sometimes it’s just a way to be able to get things straight in my head by writing them down.

The above isn’t supposed to be a list of excuses as to why I haven’t done anything on the site for a while, it’s simply to illustrate that this site hasn’t been one of the main priorities in my life, and sometimes other things have to take over for extended periods.

My wife tells me I take on too much, and she’s probably right.  I just like to keep busy, but the problem with keeping too busy is that, before you know it, you’re going 4 months between blog posts.

Since I initially launched the site, I’ve had a rough roadmap of how I’d like it to grow and develop, but many of the features I’ve wanted to implement and articles I’ve wanted to create have required a fair amount of forethought and prep work which takes time I just haven’t had.

In what spare time I’ve had so far during 2013, I’ve been working on reorganising my priorities, losing a few distractions, tying up some loose ends and completing projects in order to free up time and resources to get back on track and take the site in the direction I originally intended.

This begins with a new (temporary) look to the site.  I say temporary, however it may end up lasting for a while.  I am creating something from scratch, but it will take a good while to develop in order to be able to account for the features I want to implement and to get it working seamlessly in all browsers.  So, I’ll keep adding articles to the site, and working on the actual new look as I get time.

Thank you to those of you who follow the site, and an even bigger thank you to those of you who’ve inspired articles and sent me messages or emails about the site.  Your support is deeply appreciated.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!