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Posted in : Featured / Site News on February 2nd, 2012.

DIY Film is going through a reinvention, of sorts.

When I first setup DIY Film, I was starting to get back into doing more video projects, I had several people offering to help and assist with providing content and assisting on video shoots in order to bring you plenty of behind the scenes footage, I wanted to go full steam ahead documenting my re-learning of video, and new learning doing it specifically with HDSLRs and the inherent challenges that presents.

Unfortunately, things did not quite go to plan. I was let down by some people, lost touch with others, and with the lack of decent HDSLR releases from Nikon, I ended up putting a lot more time into stills photography work than video. As a consequence of that, the site started to slip, and was not being updated anywhere near as often as I’d initially planned.

Which has led us, inexorably, here. Ok, so I changed a word, but I’ve always wanted to be able to put that quote in a blog post. :)

I’ve been wanting to have a do-over of DIY Film for a while, but time has not been my best friend this past year. I do mean that in a good way though. During the last 12 months I’ve been extremely busy, done a lot of shooting, I’ve met some truly wonderful and amazing people and visited some great places, but any spare time I had was spent attempting to recover from long exhausting days. But now I have set aside the time to dedicate to getting things up and running properly here and putting in all the features I’d planned to integrate into the site months ago.

There is going to be a slight change in direction here. As I’ve primarily focused more on stills than video, that is going to dictate the nature of the content that gets published here (although many of the principles will apply to both).

I will be adding some content over the first few weeks, although mostly I want to make sure everything’s running smoothly and the bugs get ironed out. I’ve already started to compile a big list of things not working quite right, not displaying properly, missing features I want to implement and plugins that will need to be tweaked as they’re not playing nice with each other. So, if you’re browsing and something doesn’t work, give it another try a little later on, as it’s probably something I’m working on. :)

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned!