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I was going to give this article the title of “How do I use a grey card?“, but grey cards can be used to do more than just correct your white balance, and even with just that there are a couple of different ways to do it, of which this is just one.

When shooting RAW,  the white balance setting isn’t absolutely critical, as you can adjust it in post.  That being said, depending on how you meter your scene (for [...]

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The beauty dish is a commonly used light modifier these days.  I don’t use it often myself (personal preference), but they are quite popular as, when used well, they can create a very pleasing look that no other light source can provide.

But, not all beauty dishes are created equally.  While all the different brands and sizes are fairly similar, and everybody has their favourite, they’re all a little bit different.  So, with that in mind, here are some that are [...]

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I’ve had quite a few people asking me about bulk film recently as I’ve mentioned it on Facebook and a few other photography forums around the web (and on here), so I decided to put a quick video together.

Basically, the short answer to “why?” is the cost.  You could ask “well, why bother shooting film at all? digital’s free, right?”.  Well, yes and no.  Digital’s not free, your camera still has a shutter life expectancy, and the cost of the [...]

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Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to pick up some rather nice film cameras at some pretty great prices (given what I’ve seen on eBay and what I’ve been quoted in shops that still have some of these available for sale).

Amongst other things, three cameras and two lenses particularly stick out.  A chrome Nikkormat FTn type 1, a black Nikkormat FTn type 2, a black Nikkormat FT-3, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Ai-S, and a Nikkor-HC 50mm f/2 (this lens alone is [...]

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Right now, I should be sleeping in order to be ready for an early departure to Scotland.  I had planned to spend a week staying at Scone Palace near Perth for the Scottish Game Fair, shooting portraits of falconers with their birds and working dogs.

Instead, I’m sitting here on my computer at 4:15am, having coughed myself awake an hour or so ago (I fell asleep around 5pm yesterday, so I’ve had a decent session in the land of nod).  I’ve [...]

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