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Last Wednesday, I ran a location nude lighting workshop just outside of Lancaster.  We worked with both the available light and flash, as well as the use of reflectors, flags, snoots, grids, gels, etc. in order to demonstrate many principles and techniques throughout the day.

During lunch, I was asked the question “What modifiers do you recommend?”, the answer to which led to a string of more questions on the same topic.  The answers I gave on the day seemed to [...]

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Quite a lot has happened since I last mentioned film on here.

I’ve shot and developed a couple of dozen assorted rolls of 35mm and 120 format black & white films with various dates of expiry ranging from a couple of years into the future to at least 22 years ago (that’s when they quit making Ilford FP4, beyond that I’ve no idea how old it is), photographed a range of different subjects with several different cameras and made my first [...]

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I started writing this post after I got up yesterday morning, settling in to my second mug of coffee, with the intention of doing a shoot with a lovely model from Manchester.  Then as the evening progressed I decided to start over.

The weather reports over the last few days hadn’t been looking great, so both the model and I knew well in advance that there was a chance that the game could be called on account of rain.  That’s pretty [...]

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