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I’ve had quite a few people asking me about bulk film recently as I’ve mentioned it on Facebook and a few other photography forums around the web (and on here), so I decided to put a quick video together.

Basically, the short answer to “why?” is the cost.  You could ask “well, why bother shooting film at all? digital’s free, right?”.  Well, yes and no.  Digital’s not free, your camera still has a shutter life expectancy, and the cost of the [...]

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I loaded up the first roll of Kentmere ASA100 yesterday, did various tests, looking at what the camera’s meter told me, what the Sekonic L718 light meter told me, what the D300s told me, and then plugging those settings into the N90s to see how they all turned out and how all their settings matched up (I also shot some side by side with the D300s to compare). I did some tests with the RF-602 triggers too and the SB-900s [...]

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