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A few people have asked me why I’m bothering to shoot film again.  Some have supported my decision to do so, some not so much.

I did not make this choice to garner praise, nor criticism (however much a certainty that may be), nor am I doing it in some sort of hipster-like attempt to “fit in” – if anything, the revival and popularity of film in the last couple of years has made the whole idea slightly less [...]

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It’s been almost a decade since I last shot a roll of film.

Ever since getting the Nikon D100, shortly after its initial release in 2002, I’ve been exclusively digital and my N90s has lived in one of various drawers, boxes and camera bags during the last 3 house moves.  It still even has a roll of el-Cheapo Kodak something or other other sitting half unused inside it (I’ll have to finish that off and get it developed, because I’m kinda curious [...]

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