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I’ve had quite a few people asking me about bulk film recently as I’ve mentioned it on Facebook and a few other photography forums around the web (and on here), so I decided to put a quick video together.

Basically, the short answer to “why?” is the cost.  You could ask “well, why bother shooting film at all? digital’s free, right?”.  Well, yes and no.  Digital’s not free, your camera still has a shutter life expectancy, and the cost of the [...]

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Quite a lot has happened since I last mentioned film on here.

I’ve shot and developed a couple of dozen assorted rolls of 35mm and 120 format black & white films with various dates of expiry ranging from a couple of years into the future to at least 22 years ago (that’s when they quit making Ilford FP4, beyond that I’ve no idea how old it is), photographed a range of different subjects with several different cameras and made my first [...]

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