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The Principles of Photography

What is a stop of light? - The standard power ratio at which all light is measured
The Inverse Square Law - How that light power ratio is affected by distance
Your Camera’s Built in Light Meter - How your camera sees [...]

When we use our DSLR to view a scene, it does something called metering.  Put simply, this is a process where our camera measures the amount of light being reflected off a subject (or several subjects, or your entire scene), and feeds back an exposure value it feels will adequately expose the image.

Sorry, what?

To really make sense of what metering is, you need to understand firstly what the meter is trying to do with the readings it gets and then [...]

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When you capture an image with your camera, there are three basic things which will affect how that image turns out.  Those are your ISO, your shutter speed and your aperture.

Together these three settings comprise your exposure triangle, and while you can achieve the same exposure value with different combinations of these three components, you won’t necessarily see the same results.

Changing any of these settings will have a different consequence, and you’ll have to adjust something else in order to [...]

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Many have heard of the Inverse Square Law, some even understand it, but everybody feels its effect on a daily basis.  It’s what prevents gravity from pulling us all into the ground and it’s also what allows the sun to illuminate the planet without blinding us.

Essentially, the Inverse Square Law (let’s just call it the ISL from here, or this could get annoying) states that any point source which spreads its influence equally in all directions will see the strength of [...]

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One of the questions I most commonly see from new photographers, and one of the things that seems to confuse them the most, is what a stop of light is exactly (understandable though, once you break it down and realise that everything measures stops with a different set of numbers), and how it affects their decision making process when it comes time to capture an exposure. So, here I shall attempt to explain.

It is important, right at the very start [...]

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