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Time is a very precious commodity and, sometimes, not having enough of it can feel a bit overwhelming.

When I first started out on the Internet, a little under 20 years ago now, it was still a relatively small place.  There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube, not even Google, or any of the other sites that seem to demand our constant attention these days.  There are new technologies popping up on a daily basis and just figuring out which [...]

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Right now, I should be sleeping in order to be ready for an early departure to Scotland.  I had planned to spend a week staying at Scone Palace near Perth for the Scottish Game Fair, shooting portraits of falconers with their birds and working dogs.

Instead, I’m sitting here on my computer at 4:15am, having coughed myself awake an hour or so ago (I fell asleep around 5pm yesterday, so I’ve had a decent session in the land of nod).  I’ve [...]

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When I first got into photography, there wasn’t really much of a plan beyond “make sure your battery is always charged and ready to go”.  Thankfully, my N90s took AA batteries, so there was always a stack available.

Since those early days, my collection of equipment has grown quite considerably.  Every item has its purpose, and not every item is required on every shoot.  Given that I work almost exclusively on location, every shoot comes with its own unique set of [...]

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I started writing this post after I got up yesterday morning, settling in to my second mug of coffee, with the intention of doing a shoot with a lovely model from Manchester.  Then as the evening progressed I decided to start over.

The weather reports over the last few days hadn’t been looking great, so both the model and I knew well in advance that there was a chance that the game could be called on account of rain.  That’s pretty [...]

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